THEIR SAY: The government couldn’t throw a bath, let alone a jab rollout | Leader of the St. George & Sutherland Shire

The federal and state governments as well as our politicians are putting the blame for out-of-control infection rates and low vaccinations.

They couldn’t bathe properly.

Why not make mask compulsory, set up vaccination centers next to mostly empty test stations and even important petrol stations and then open them to all age groups.

No thank you

Now we know the Sydney lockdown is to continue and I can’t say I’m surprised. During the curfew, when we were ALL just staying home to shop for groceries, exercise, and get medical supplies, people who didn’t believe the rules applied to them kept us locked up.

So for all of you who have gathered at Cooper St Reserve Engadine and every other park in The Shire – all the women who met with their children to prepare food for the day on the picnic tables, and all the friendship and family groups that gathered on the weekends, the rest of us don’t thank you.

COVID compliance

I have lived in Cronulla for 42 years.

I love the place and surf at Cronulla Point every day.

I am concerned that locals who swim and drink coffee at Cronulla Pavilion daily are endangering the place.

Go for a swim, get your coffee and go home.

Technology is not for everyone

In response to the letter on COVID technology, it is hopeless that you, as an elderly person who does not have a smartphone or cell phone, have forgotten any help.

Woolworths wants a cell phone number that I had to give my daughters (who lives in Alice Springs) to get the text message. And don’t try to get help from a government agency if you don’t have a smartphone or cell phone. Everything is set up for mobile service, and not all of us want to have a cell phone glued to us around the clock.

Jeanette Brackstone, Bangor

Sutherland Hospital MRI

I am surprised and amused to read that people believed everything the country’s health minister said to be valid. Unfortunately, we’ll be lucky enough to get a picture of an MRI machine in the hospital before 2024.

I believe the NSW state government alone has done more to spread the COVID virus by failing to do its job. The problem is politicians who allegedly speak on behalf of NSW Health, but are repeatedly unaware of the problems that arise and like to hold their face in front of the camera when the news is positive.

The good news was they would build a room for the MRI, the bad news it will be a storage room for many years before we get it.

Perhaps it is time for Brad Hazzard to do what he suggested to reporters at a press conference; GO ON.

People are not considerate

When we took a relative to Cronulla Mall this morning for his COVID injection, it was disappointing to see so many people either not wearing a mask or not wearing a mask. I thought the people of the Shire were far more considerate than that!

Combating COVID

With COVID infection spreading dramatically in NSW, it is time to develop a counter-program that I will refer to as the “Needle Will Travel”. Expressed in a simple way. It means that medical personnel with the ability to vaccinate leave their clinics and go to the people. For example, nurses / paramedics could work under tents in warehouse parking lots (now identified as the main source of positive cases) and invite workers to their

Syringes during lunch break. Other vaccinators could make home visits and offer vaccinations to elderly people who are old enough to be able to leave their homes. I would suggest that “Nona” would welcome a nudge if given to her in her living room. Some will ask, “But where do we get the nurses and paramedics from? Many paramedics do not work with the ambulance. Bring them into the SES and Rural Fire Department resources system to provide pop-up vaccination sites, i.e. tents, tables and chairs, and patient transport.

John Davis, address given.

Overdevelopment mania

Hear hear! Kelly Ryan from the Engadine! But it’s not just the abundance of cars; there are also all boats and caravans.

If people can afford a new Mercedes or Porsche SUV, why can’t they afford space with enough off-road parking for all of their toys? Then there is the actual residence, which is apparently run by graduates of the ‘Screw You!’ School of Architecture. Every building application informs the neighbors that the new development will “blend in harmoniously with the existing street scene” if it actually protrudes like a mandrill. In addition to the desecration of the Shire, trees are felled at a rate that makes the deforestation of the Amazon seem like a kind of conservation measure. There are council elections in December and I’m looking for my cricket bat. Ryszard Linkiewicz, Caringbah South

Building requirements

I recently noticed that the Sutherland Shire Council agreed to increase the elevation allowance for building on the old Toyota site in Caringbah as the building could sink if it were built into the ground. If so, wouldn’t the same elevation from the ground cause the building to sink?

The builders knew of the height restrictions when they bought the site and these should not meet any special exemptions. However, it looks like the developers didn’t do their pre-purchase checks to see that this was previously a mangrove swamp and a skyscraper shouldn’t be built here. No doubt in a few years we will have another legal problem at Collaroy Beach or Mascot Tower. If property developers wish to increase the height above the approved heights known at the time of purchase, the additional accommodation above that amount should only be allocated to people in social housing or in start-up offices. Aside from the sentence for the approved height buildings, let’s see who’s requesting an increase in height can’t figure out how the councilors can’t relate to a long-running song that is very true: “Build on the rock, not the sand” . Ray Jones, Burraneer

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