The Pros and Cons of Various Types of Home Siding in SeaTac, Washington

If you are thinking about installing new siding on your home SeaTac, WA there are many options to choose from. One of the most common types is vinyl siding, which can be painted or left unpainted (staining). There are also aluminum and wood panels that offer a more traditional look. If you’re in SeaTac and looking for house siding installation services, contact our team today!

Wood siding

The most popular type of siding. However, wood is expensive and susceptible to rot. Wood needs regular treatment with a protective sealant that can add up in cost over time as well. This material residential siding in SeaTac is typically made from recycled materials such as used paper, cardboard, or sawdust mixed with water-resistant chemicals like plasticizers and resins. It’s sold in either prefabricated panels or rolls that are applied vertically on the house surface, similar to applying wallpaper SeaTac siding.

Aluminum siding

Aluminum siding in SeaTac is popular because it can be used for multiple purposes. It’s very sturdy and durable, but don’t expect a high level of style with this material. Aluminum siding often needs to be painted after installation to maintain its color and prevent corrosion problems from arising, so the paint job won’t last forever! On top of that, aluminum has been known to buckle under high wind conditions if not properly installed or maintained during use which could cause water damage inside your home through cracks between sheets.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl is an artificial material that looks very realistic, especially if you have a color other than white. The siding can last up to 50 years, and it’s resistant to water damage. However, when the weather gets too hot or cold for vinyl, it will expand and contract, which could lead to cracks in your home’s structure. Pros – Lasts longer than aluminum or wood; Virtually no maintenance required; Resistant against moisture damage. Cons – Expands in high heat and contracts in low heat, causing potential strain on walls of the house SeaTac siding contractors.

Stone veneer

Stone siding in SeaTac is one of the most expensive forms of siding. The material itself, without installation costs, can cost up to $14 per square foot compared with about half that for wood or vinyl materials. But it’s worth every penny because stone veneers are incredibly durable and beautiful too! And so easy to maintain. Just, leading a quick dusting once a month will keep your stone looking great!

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