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In Florida there are many historic landmarks and property that will certainly give you pleasure and remember your visit to Largo Florida. Largo is Florida’s largest city and the second largest port of call on the east coast of the United States. This port was one of the primary trading posts with the French and during the years of the 1800s it was a trade center for sugar cane and other agricultural products.


Landmarks in Largo FL include two important National Landmarks: the lighthouse and Fortiami Park. The original fort was built in 1776 by a man named Capt. Gabriel Furter. It stood until the Civil War. Today, the site is visited by a number of tourists and those who live in Largo Florida. Many times during the summer and fall the fort serves as a tourist attraction. There are also several marinas along the Largo River which provide living and fishing facilities.


One historical landmark that is often referred to in Largo Florida is the Alton Towers. This massive structure is seven miles long and the highest building west of the continental United States. Alton Towers was constructed with French and Spanish style exterior and interior design.


Other Largo Florida Landmarks includes: Angelina Jolie’s naval base at Fort Lauderdale. She grew up in nearby Boynton Beach and graduated from high school here. She received an honorary degree from the University of Virginia in Washington College and served as an officer in the Air Force in World War II. She later became a decorated U.S. congresswoman and served until her death in 2021. Her husband, Bob; was a retired Army officer and she raised their four children. Her father was a major in the Air Force and her mother was a schoolteacher.


Just down the road from Alton Towers is the Parkway Park. This popular public park is known for its outdoor activities and natural beauty. The park has a nature trail and is a great place to take children for a picnic or a stroll. It is also near a golf course and other attractions. The park was designed by renowned landscape architect Frank Lloyd Wright.


Just west of the Alton Towers are two parks that are located just north of downtown Largo. These parks are Heritage Park androns Land. Landmark Park is open to the public and is located between Dixie and John streets. It is one of the oldest public parks in Florida and was built in 1931. Landmark Land is one of Largo’s largest park areas.


As you can see, there are many landmarks in Largo Florida. If you have never visited the area, you should do so. You will not regret it. It is beautiful and the people here are friendly and enjoy being here.


There are many more Landmarks in Largo Florida than I have listed here. However, these are just a few of the ones that are located in the Largo Florida area. If you are looking for a great city, with lots of cultural activities, then Largo would be perfect for you.


Another great Landmark in Largo Florida is the Duval Mounds National Historic Landmark. This is a unique site, which is located on the Pine Mountain Trail, which runs all throughout the Pine Mountain National Forest. It is one of the only places in the entire world where you can actually hear the sounds of Indian tribes. There are many interesting facts about the site, which can be explored during your trip.


The Largo Community Theater is another great Landmark in Largo Florida. This is a non-profit community entertainment center, which was designed and built in response to the citizens’ request. Many movies are held here, as well as plays and musicals. This is also a great place to catch a glimpse of your local area’s finest events.


One Landmark in Largo Florida that you may not have heard of is the Duval County Historical Society. It is located at the corner of Duval Street and State Road. It is run by the Duval Historical Society and offers educational tours of the historical areas of Duval and St. Johns. It is also a great place for you to meet some of the locals, who live along the streets that intersect State Road. The society has restored some of the homes along these streets, which give you an insight into the past of this unique part of Largo Florida. Other activities that take place here include horseback riding, treasure hunts, and many others.


If you want a Landmark in Largo that you can drive up and visit, then you should definitely check out the Citicorp Park. This park has been a major destination for families, because it offers so much park space. Here, you will find all sorts of different activities, from boating and swimming to hiking and nature watching. In fact, you may even get lucky enough to spot an alligator! While there, make sure to take a break and visit theestones in Old Fortiami.

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