How to Level Up Fast in Old School RuneScape

One can have many reasons to level up as quickly as possible in Old School RuneScape. Some people may want the extra money, while others are looking for a more competitive environment where they and their friends will be able to show off what they’ve got. Whatever your reasoning for wanting to level up quickly, this guide can help you do so with little effort. 


Perhaps you’ve heard of the old saying, “You can’t kill dragons with a frying pan.” Well at the beginner level, that’s also true. You have your basic weapons and cannot expect to slay beasts as quickly without more experience points than what could be gained by slaying chickens or completing quests like Waterfall which are relatively easy for beginners.

The best way to level up in OSRS is by acquiring and using as much OSRS gold as possible.

Mid-tier leveling

Ammonite Crabs are your dream target, so you’ll need to kill them on Fossil Island. They have low Attack and Defense levels with a whopping 100 HP. You might not even get to munch on that pizza; these crabs can be rather crowded at times though there are spots where they’re AFKable if it’s too much for one person.

On Zeah, there are also Sand Crabs for you to fight. You’ll need 5k coins just to get here and their HP is only 60 but if other spots in the world prove too populated then this might be worth a try.

Leveling to 99

For those looking to train their combat skills, the best spot is level 60-70 in Nightmare Zone. It’s a safe minigame with no experience gains available for free! Using overload and absorption potions will help you reach 99 faster than ever before–NMZ is by far one of the most efficient spots when it comes to leveling up your stats.

When you’re fighting the NMZ, there are different strategies that can be used. The most effective one is to use Dharok’s armor set. You will need to reduce your HP down close to 1 and drink an absorption potion before a battle starts so you don’t lose any health points while still doing maximum damage against the enemy.

It is no secret that the ancient Obsidian armor and sword provide a huge boost to experience points. You may not have these items yet, but if you do they are well worth using whenever possible! If this isn’t an option for you then don’t worry; your best gear will work just as great at leveling up with some extra time invested in loot farming or grinding out levels from gameplay.

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