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Five types of metal Roofs That You Should be aware of

Nov 1

We'd be out of business in a flash If everyone knew the basics on roofing made of metal, right? We don't want to laugh at you, but we do need you to be aware of the risks you're engaging in when you decide to choose metal roofing. This post will discuss the top five metal roofing options that we provide to south Dakota.

  • 5V Metal Roof Panels for the Roof

We've decided to start our list with one of the roofing industry's first types of steel panels. 5V's low maintenance needs and simple installation are the main reasons for its popularity. Furthermore, these roofing panels are incredibly light and extremely reflective. As a result, they're the ideal choice for a typical Florida home.


As mentioned previously 5V panels are extremely populardue to their simple installation. It's as simple as threading single screws using rubber washers through the upper and lower profile ribs at regular intervals. Screws are situated along the ridgeline, valley and the eve.

  • Corrugated Metal Roof

The panels are older than corrugated metal panel and were originally used to cover barns or shacks. Galvanizing technology has given them a new look.


Corrugated metal panels have been given an overhaul and are being used to be used to cover the roofs of residential and commercial buildings. A lot of people believe that these panels give any building a traditional look. In addition, they be a good match with more contemporary materials for architecture, such as fibreglass.

Corrugated roofing made of metal is sought-after by consumers since it is resistant to corrosion as well as energy efficient.

  • R-Panel Metal Roofing (#3)

Customers looking for a low-cost roofing solution often opt for R-panel metal roofs. R-panel metal roofs are very simple to install, meaning they can be set up quickly and are less expensive to eliminate. As a result, R-panels make the roofing project considerably less costly.

R-panels, like 5V panels, are available in a range of colours to give the roof a pleasing overall appearance. But solar panels aren't often employed on residential building roofs especially in Florida.

R-panels are a good example. They aren't intended to be used in heated constructions. The screws tend to become loose when exposed to heat, despite how simple they are to install. This means that the roof may begin to leak and corrode. In addition, after exposure to the sun, the paint would begin to fade.

  • Standing Seam in Architecture

The longevity is certainly one of the factors that have turned many customers to lifelong supporters of metal roofing in general. This same durability is what makes people choose architectural standing seam metal roofing.


It's a hidden fastener system that is concealed. That is to say, the panels are made up of a flat surface with one leg on each end. These vertical legs act as seams that hold the roof structure. These panels are typically utilized not just for roofing , but also in walls because of their high quality and durability. Naturally, the latter is more popular in residential design.

  • Metal Shingles

Many homeowners hesitate to opt for metal roofing, because they are concerned about the end result. Some metal roofs, as a matter of reality, could appear contemporary or barn-like. Naturally, neither of those two options is appealing in a typical residential area.

If you like an appearance that is more traditional, metal shingles should be thought of. The roofing system has the benefits of a metal roof , while still maintaining a classic appearance.

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