Expert Residential Roofers in Rapid City


Roofs don’t just improve the curb appeal of a house but also protect it against elements such as snow and rain. But, it’s important to find well-trained professionals in your search for the top Rapid City roofing and residential roofing companies. This will ensure your home is protected in all aspects by an experienced team who knows how to install roofing systems that are based on the latest technology and techniques.

Award Construction:

Award Construction is a Rapid City roofing contractor which has been operating for over 28 years. Their expertise extends to the highest quality siding, gutter work inspections for hail damage, and all kinds of roofing. They are well-known for their industry-leading products and their quick response to any inquiries.

Midwest Home Improvement

Midwest Home Improvement (Rapid City), is a local roofing contractor that helps homeowners shield their homes from the elements. They replace roofs that have sustained severe damage. The company also fixes any issues with the roofing system to make sure it is in good shape and provides painting services, including window installation and deck building. Midwest Home Improvements also installs siding and sunrooms to relax for hot summer days, or winter evenings. This lets you sit back and watch television with your loved ones or family while sharing the latest news.

Roofs made of RainTite:

RainTite Roofing & Construction has more than 100 years of combined expertise and is considered to be the best Rapid City, roofing contractor. They are specialized in commercial and residential projects typically installing brand new roofs as part of construction projects. This business also offers replacement services for older or damaged roofs too! There are numerous repair options for customers with damaged or missing flashing, shingles that are exposed to leaks, and other problems. You can also get window and siding repair services!

Teamwork Exteriors:

It can be challenging to install flat roofing, asphalt or shingles. Teamwork Exteriors has been in the business for more than 10 years. The commercial roofers from Teamwork Exteriors will help you select the right solution to meet your needs. They provide free quotes and estimates for service because they want their customers to make an informed decision about the roof replacement they want to undertake. When it comes to seeking solutions for roofing they provide the top Rapid City roofing.

Snew roofing:

Snew Roofing is a roof repair company in Rapid City. It deals with commercial and residential projects which makes it ideal for homeowners who want to repair their roofs fast and cheaply without breaking the bank. The roofers are equipped with the latest tools for all work that you may want to be done for your exterior home regardless of whether it’s a shingle or slate tiles are in need of help, they can assist! Before beginning any work, they check the properties to determine if there have been any blisters, cracks, or leaks. This will help them avoid the possibility of more serious damage in the future. Finally, SNEW knows how essential gutters are. That’s why they provide gutter installation services, too in the event of any issues when working on them.


Protecting your home from the elements is an essential part of having a well-placed roof. Although they are beautiful and can enhance the look of the home, they will not guard against sun exposure or water damage. Roofers who specialize in residential roofing are skilled professionals with years of experience in installing residential roofing that is able to endure any weather conditions and leave homeowners content for much long time to come.


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