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Mold Inspections - When Is a Mold Inspection Necessary

Oct 18

When a home inspector or mold inspector conducts a mold inspection, they are usually looking for evidence of moisture problems and other potential sources of mold. They will also talk to occupants of the house about any symptoms they have been experiencing. Mold testing typically happens in a lab from samples that the mold inspector has collected. This information gives the inspector a better understanding of whether or not there is an issue and what kind of remediation may be needed.

When Is a Mold Inspection Required?

There are several key times when a mold inspection is recommended in Los Angeles. These include after any type of water damage in the home. Mold can start growing almost immediately after a flood, so it is important to get an inspection right away. The same is true if a home is being remodeled or if there has been a leak in the roof or attic. It is also a good idea to get a mold inspection after a fire in the home or after any major construction projects are completed.

Some people choose to have a mold inspection just because they are concerned about health issues. There is enough evidence that mold can cause respiratory symptoms, such as coughing and wheezing, in some people. However, this evidence is inconclusive and many experts don’t think that the link is proven. Other people have concerns about the effect of mold on their property’s value, or want to ensure that they are not selling a house with an existing problem.

If you are worried about the effects of a possible mold problem on your home’s value, you can hire an independent certified home inspector to perform an inspection and air sampling. These services are normally provided at the same cost as a general home inspection, although some inspectors will offer them separately. You should also check with your local home inspection association to see if there are any specific requirements for licensing mold inspectors. Some associations require their members to take a specific course that teaches them how to collect and analyze microbial growth. The ASHI School offers a class that covers this material, and some third-party schools also offer courses.

When hiring a mold inspection company, you should be wary of any that are also remediation contractors. This can lead to conflicts of interest and they may overstate the amount of remediation that is necessary. You can avoid this by finding a company that only does inspections. This can be more expensive, but it is worth the extra expense to avoid conflict of interest. A mold inspection can help you make a sound decision about purchasing or renovating a house. With the proper testing and remediation, the problem can be solved quickly and easily. If the problem is not severe, a little cleaning may be all that is necessary to restore a home’s value and comfort level. Mold can be very dangerous if not treated quickly.