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Concrete Slab - Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors

Oct 22

Concrete Slab - Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors

A concrete slab is a crucial element of any construction project and it is essential to get it right. Poor slabs could lead to structural issues down the line.

Port St Lucie Concrete Contractors is the industry leader in concrete slabs. We have years of experience in the business and our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality service. Concrete slabs made with high-quality components that are guaranteed to last for the rest of your life. Keep reading for more information on concrete slabs and services.



What are concrete slabs?


A concrete slab is a common structural element in structures. A concrete slab is a flat, thick horizontal concrete surface that is utilized for the construction of a roof or floor. Concrete slabs are employed to build the ground floor of some residential structures. Concrete slabs can be positioned directly on the ground or as support for the foundation.



Our Concrete Slab Installation Process

Step 1 - Onsite Preparation

We all follow the same procedure, no matter what size project we are working on. Every project we undertake starts with the preparation of the area. To get started clean up any debris and clean the site. In the process of preparing the materials should be on-site. We plan for the delivery of the materials prior to the time we start the actual work. This helps us start and complete the work on time.


Step 2: Build Concrete Forms and reinforce Concrete Slabs with Steel

When the area is clean and ready, we proceed with the installation of concrete forms using wire mesh. Concrete forms function as a solid barrier to keep the concrete mix in its position. Concrete forms force concrete to conform to a specific shape or form. To reinforce concrete using reinforced concrete, we mix it with the help of rebar. This allows for more durable concrete surfaces.


Step 3: Mixing Concrete Mix

A concrete truck is utilized to make the process easier. It helps to ensure that concrete materials are properly mixed. Sometimes, we do manual mixing. A concrete mixer is needed in the majority of projects.


Step 4: Pouring Concrete

Once we are done mixing concrete and forming the slab, the concrete is then poured into the molds. The concrete mixture is poured carefully to avoid creating air pockets. Air pockets can be created by too little mortar being used in the spaces around the aggregate. Concrete is created by spreading the mix uniformly throughout the shape.


Step 5 Level and Smoothen The Concrete Slab

We level the concrete with an iron trowel until it is flat. We smoothen the surface with a bullfloat. To accomplish this, we lift or lower the float's handle to keep the leading edge slightly elevated. We then plow concrete that is wet into low areas, if the float angle is too steep. The bull float must go through the area three or four times. It is important to remember that cement and water can be a problem for the surface and cause it to deteriorate in the event that it is floats frequently. To reinforce the surface it is also recommended to use a plate compactioner. To stop concrete from cracking, it is important to ensure proper compaction.


Step 6: Make Control Joints

Control joints are designed cracks in slabs. They are crucial to avoid fractures and other damages from occurring in the event that thermal contraction and thermal expansion occur. Control joints shouldn't be less than 1/4 inch thick than the concrete slab to function effectively. The concrete slab must be at least twice the thickness. Our team of concrete specialists ensures accurate measurements to avoid making mistakes.


Step 6: Cure Concrete Slab

A finished concrete slab is ready for pedestrian use seven days after installation. Concrete can be used as soon after installation, however, it takes 28 days for concrete to set completely. It is essential to let concrete dry properly. It will ensure that the concrete slab will last for many years.

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