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NIU Scooter Car 3 Wheels TQi-GT – Autonomous Car: The Future of Driving

Apr 29

Are autonomous vehicles the future of driving? NIU seems to think so, as they have just launched their new Scooter Car 3 Wheel TQi-GT. This vehicle is intended for people looking for a more green and sustainable mode of transportation. With its autonomous capabilities it is possible that the NIU Scooter Car 3 Wheel TQi-GT could very well be the future of driving!

NIU Scooter Car 3 wheels TQi-GT

NIU scooters don't seem to be brand new. They've been around quite some time. But, their latest offering, the Scooter Car TQi-GT, is something that has definitely attracted our attention. For starters, it is a three-wheeled electric scooter that is made for city-based transportation. It is capable of a top speed of 25 mph and an endurance of up to 50 miles on single charge. The thing that makes the Scooter Car TQi-GT apart from other NIU scooters is its autonomous capabilities.

With its GPS built-in and advanced sensors, the Scooter Car TQi-GT is able to navigate itself through city streets with no involvement from the driver. This not only makes driving more convenient but also safer, as the scooter is less likely to be involved into accidents.

The Scooter from NIU can self-drive part. While the concept of an autonomous car might still seem like a futuristic concept however, the reality is they are already here and are set to become more prevalent in the coming years. With companies like NIU leading the way, it won't be long before we see autonomous cars becoming a regular sight in our streets. Do you agree? Is the future of driving autonomous?

NIU Scooter Cars

The autonomous NIU TQi GT scooter vehicle is making headlines. It's equipped with multiple sensors and cameras that enable it to navigate autonomously through the city. The scooter is also able to park itself and park itself, making it the ideal vehicle for people who want the convenience of a car that is autonomous without the hassle of having to find a parking spot.

NIU TQi GT is one instance of autonomous vehicles becoming an actuality. It's obvious that autonomous cars are not a passing trend that is being embraced by big players like Uber, Google, and Tesla all developing their own autonomous cars. Autonomous vehicles will soon become the norm.

Is NIU Scooter Car Is Available Today?

No, it is not available today but it is in development stage.

According to the firm, the car will be ready for purchase by 2022 or 2023. The company doesn't know what the price of the car will be.

What about other businesses?

As we mentioned earlier, Tesla, Google, and Uber are all working on autonomous vehicles for their own. Tesla is developing its Autopilot feature for some time since it recently announced an update that allows the vehicle to drive by itself on the highways. Google's self-driving cars have been in operation for a long time and have traveled thousands of miles. Uber's autonomous vehicles are currently in testing, but the company plans to roll them out in selected cities later in the year.

Tesla seems to be the leader in the field of autonomous technology. Tesla has been working for many years on Autopilot and recently unveiled an update that will allow it to drive on the highways. Google's self-driving vehicles have been in operation for some time now and have racked up millions of miles. Uber's autonomous cars are still in testing, but Uber is planning to launch them in a handful of cities in the coming months.