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Can vinyl siding be painted?

Feb 3

Can vinyl siding be painted?

As proud homeowners, our goal is to make our property as beautiful as possible. Vinyl siding can fade over time due to exposure to the elements. This leaves us with the question: Should we replace siding or should it be painted?

This article will discuss the pros and disadvantages of replacing the St Paul siding with paint. We'll discuss how to paint siding correctly and what factors would help you choose to replace your siding instead of just painting it.

Painting old vinyl siding vs. siding replacement

Changes in the siding's color will make your home more attractive. Is it better to replace the siding or paint over it? Both options have their benefits. There are many reasons not to paint your siding or why you should replace it.

For homeowners who care about their home and want to make the best decisions for their finances, the painting vs. replacement dilemma can be stressful. We are here to help you make an informed decision, based on your situation. We will show you the different reasons to paint siding over replacing it. There are many reasons not to paint your siding. It is best to replace it.

Before you decide to paint or replace vinyl siding, there are several factors you should consider.

Although you may be keen to purchase a vinyl siding product, there are other options. One is to paint your existing siding.

These are some of the things you should be thinking about:

  • The age of your siding. A new coat of paint may make it appear younger, but you must also consider whether the siding is protecting your home. You should consider replacing your siding if it's more than 20 years of age. It will most likely need to be replaced in the next five years. A professional siding contractor will inspect your siding to determine its condition of it and recommend the next steps.
  • The cost of painting versus replacing. It may make more sense to paint in some cases. Painting can be attractive if you have siding that is in good shape, and you have a color preference that siding manufacturers do not produce. This will allow you to get the exact color you want, and save you money. Painting a home costs on average $3,700. But, for a 1,500 sq. foot home, it costs around $5,500 to put up vinyl siding.
  • Condition. It's time to replace if there are gaps, buckles, or moisture getting in. You shouldn't paint siding with rotten sections, holes, or dents. It's not worth the money to invest in something that's already failing.
  • Aesthetic appearance. When you paint your siding, it will look fresh and pleasing to the eye as well as those around you. New siding is an aesthetic choice that will inspire envy.
  • Maintain or increase your home’s value. A fresh coat on your siding could increase your home’s value by between two and five percent. Many estimates show that if you want to make more money from your home sale, replacing your siding will only result in around 80 percent cost recovery. What isn't considered is curb appeal, which attracts buyers. What if the old siding was still on the house? Would they have been as open to a bid?
  • Warranty. Most siding companies will only work with siding manufacturers who offer a warranty. You should research the warranty terms before you decide to replace or paint your siding. However, most manufacturers will not honor warranties if the siding is painted over.

If you have further questions, contact a siding contractor to arrange an inspection. You will be able to make a well-informed decision on the next steps.

Why paint vinyl siding?

Siding will lose its original shine over time. The siding's protective coating is likely to begin to fade. You'll notice grime buildup over time and the siding will begin to fade from the sun. Power washing doesn't work for long so you will have to replace it or paint it.

Choose VIS Exterior for your vinyl siding replacement

vinyl has been a popular siding material at VIS Exterior. We are happy to recommend siding manufacturers who offer superior products that last.

Vinyl siding is a great option for homes that don't want to paint. It will give your home a more appealing look and enhance its curb appeal.

VIS works with top siding companies. Modern engineering has greatly improved the manufacturing process of vinyl siding. Our years of experience with installing it have made us a trusted contractor for siding replacement.

Many of our customers come to us for their quick and affordable installation. But, we also have many different colors and styles that appeal to homeowners. Vinyl siding is attractive and affordable. It's also durable and cost-effective. It doesn't matter how well it is installed.

Get in touch today to discuss your options.


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