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Five Steps to Get Your Roof Set for Winter

Jan 10

Water damage accounts for 34% of domestic home property claim costs according to Steadfastand is the most expensive type of claim in terms of cost. Blocked gutters were found to be among the leading causes of water-related damage.

While the typical claim for water damage has nearly doubled in the last two years, only 19% of people believe that water damage poses the biggest danger to their house. The roof can be prepared for winter, so you can avoid water damage to your home.

In the days before the wet weather hits take these five simple steps to winterize your roof.

Clean Your Gutters

The autumn leaves can be gorgeous, but they pose a risk to your gutters. The leaves and other debris could collect in your gutters and lead to blockages and overflowing water. The water that runs through the exterior walls of your home can cause damage to your home's exterior and weaken the structural integrity of your home.

The solution? Get rid of your gutters!

When the majority of leaves have fallen then grab the ladder from your shed and climb it to wash your gutters. Be on the lookout for signs of animal infestations, such as nests of bees and birds. To protect yourself, you should consider calling on a pest control expert to eradicate the issue also.

Trim the Trees Near Your Roof

The buildup of trash that surrounds your home can also be caused by overhanging branches. They are at risk of damaging your roof when they break off in severe storms, too.

To stop your trees from getting into the gutters, it's best to trim your trees. Animals are known to build their homes within the trees too. The branches that are long and are affixed to your house give them easy access to the roof of your home , so they can create a brand new home.

Roof Inspection

The fall season is the perfect time to have a roofer examine the condition of your roof. A skilled siding contractors Pittsburgh roofer can distinguish the signs of normal roofing wear and tear and what will need to be repaired to prepare your roof for winter.

An inspection of your roof will take a look at the entire roof , and determine whether it is:

Flashings can be bent damaged, or rusted

Tiles and shingles have gone damaged or missing

Valleys are in good condition or require the cleaning

Sealant is enough and hasn't damaged

Roof is showing any other indications of damage

Although you can climb up on the roof and inspect it yourself, it's not recommended. A professional roofer is equipped with all the required safety equipment to make sure they are protected while inspecting your roof.

Professional Roof Replacements and Repairs

Rainwater could cause damage to your roof and make it difficult for you to keep warm. If you find any issues with your roof, it is time to address the roof before winter arrives.

Whether they need to simply replace some tiles and flashing or if there are more significant roof repairs that have to be completed, it's imperative that you do this now to prepare your roof for winter. An Pittsburgh roofing expertwill be also able give you some winter roof maintenance tips specific to your home.

Make sure that your roof space is properly insulated

If your ceiling is not insulated, it could lose between 25 and 25% of your home's heat. Roof leaks can cause the loss. Reducing this loss can help you save money on heating your home in the winter cold.

By checking the insulation on your roof before it gets cold, you can limit heat loss.

It might be time for insulation upgrades if you reside in an older home. This will help ensure that you don't use up energy heating your home and let as much heat to escape as possible.

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